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Ghillie Tweed Hat


A traditional outdoor hat made in the UK from wool blend tweed.

The distinctive shape of the ghillie is similar to the deerstalker but without ear flaps. It features a peak at the front and back to keep the sun (or rain) off your face and neck. It can also be bent in half at the middle without damage to easily fit into your pocket.

A padded lining inside ensures wearer comfort.

COLOUR VARIES: We currently make these hats using a variety of similarly patterned wool blend tweed cloths depending on availability. Colours will vary from those two shown in the pictures but will all be traditional muted country colours - greens, brown, blues, greys - in the same dogtooth check pattern. If you are looking for a specific colour or hue please call us before or after you order and we will do our best to pick one out.

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Great Britain

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Wool Blend Tweed

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