British Sheepskin Rugs

Glencroft British sheepskin rugs are from British sheep, entirely tanned in the UK and since we began in 1987 every one is hand-finished in our Dales warehouse by founder Richard Sexton.

Most ‘British’ rugs you find online are British sheep but tanned overseas in mainland Europe, however we work with the last remaining commercial UK sheepskin tannery so we can say our British sheepskin rugs have never left these shores. The UK tanning process also produces rugs that can be easier to clean than imported rugs.

Each sheepskin rug, or pouf, is completely unique as it has been drawn from over 50 British breeds of white or naturally coloured sheep.

This includes spotty Jacobs, distinctive Badger Face Welsh Mountain, coarse grey Herdwicks and many more.

The majority of the British sheepskin rugs we hand finish are sent to specialist retailers across the UK, with only a small number of unique rare breed sheepskin rugs making their way onto our website each month. So, if you see a British sheepskin rug you like – act fast!

Consider using our sheepskin rugs beside the bed, as a soft area in a children’s nursery or playroom, a luxurious cover for chairs, or as a distinctive runner in your hallway.

Our British sheepskin pouffes are ideal for adding warmth and texture to any room and are a great place to rest tired feet at the end of each day. Each one is stuffed with offcuts from our sheepskin finishing processes.

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