Knitted Beanies

Discover our beautiful collection of knitted beanies designed to keep you warm and comfortable, whatever the weather. Made in the UK, using only the finest materials, including 100% British Wool, our knit beanies are the ultimate blend of quality and style.

But our beanies aren’t just for winter. Thanks to the breathability of wool, they’re incredibly versatile and suitable for any season. Whether you’re out for a winter stroll, admiring the beauty of autumn, or welcoming the arrival of spring, our wool beanies provide comfort all year round.

Elevate your style with our classic woollen beanies either with or without a bobble. Blending function and fashion, our knitted beanies offer warmth and flair, whether you’re braving the winter chill or simply adding a stylish touch to your look year-round.

We manufacture our recycled sheepskin bobbles from offcuts and waste sheepskin from our other processes, making it one of the most sustainable bobbles you can buy!

If you’re looking for a premium wool beanie hat, look no further. Glencroft has the perfect solution for you with our fantastic range of knitted beanies, available in various colours and patterns to suit your every need.

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