Tweed and Wax Hats

Nothing says ‘British Countryside’ quite like a stylish wool tweed or wax hat made in the UK.

Before they became a festival favourite, bucket hats were originally developed to protect farmers from the elements – the downward slope of the brim means any rain naturally runs off, and it also protects the neck from the sun.

Our tweed bucket hats are naturally weather resistant, but for additional durability and waterproofing, take a look at our waxed cotton bucket hat in a variety of colours.

Don’t forget our range of premium tweed deerstalker and ghillie hats. The distinctive style of the deerstalker hat has iconic ear flaps to help protect you against the elements – ideal if you’re out in the countryside in cold weather.

Whatever your style or practical need for a hat, we’re sure we’ve got the tweed or wax hat for you!

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