Glencroft Kids Sheep Jumper – As Seen On TV!

We were honoured this week to see our 100% British Wool kids sheep jumper appear on Channel 5’s ‘This Week On The Farm’ with Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson.

On The Farm

You can watch it now (series 3, episode 4) on catch up via the Channel 5 website, app or on your smart TV.

It was interesting to see farmers Dave and Rob looking at ways to make more money from their wool. As mentioned on the TV show, the wool clip (the wool shorn from the sheep, one to two times a year) used to pay for the farm’s rent. These days it can even cost farmers money to get rid of. This once valuable material is now a waste product.

There are many uses for wool, from carpets and bedding, to insulation and clothing, and as Dave stated, if everyone in the UK bought a British Wool product then the price the farmers receive for their wool would increase.

This is one of the reasons why we continue to use 100% British Wool across our range, as well as looking at new products to make out of it, including in 2021, our new British Wool tweed Yorkshire cap and range of British Wool hats (deerstalker, ghillie and poacher bucket).


Glencroft Kids Sheep Jumper – As Seen On TV!