Glencroft puts best foot forward with launch of UK’s most traceable insole

We are pleased to have launched the first insole to be licensed by British Wool.

The insoles are made from 100% British Wool and have been launched following over a year of product development by Edward Sexton, owner and partner at Glencroft, based in the Yorkshire Dales.

The first and only insoles to be licensed by British Wool, Glencroft’s 100% British Wool insoles are made from wool sourced entirely from British sheep farmers. Even the packaging has been printed locally in Yorkshire, making it the most traceable insole on the market.

Traceability and the provenance of our products is becoming increasingly important to us as a business, as well as to our ever more socially and environmentally conscious consumers.


We are proud to be one of the companies ‘breaking the mould’ and turning traditional wool products to be made from the wool of local sheep farmers once again. The product development process took over 12 months as we ensured that only the very best British Wool from local sheep farmers was used throughout the supply chain.

This helped us to pass British Wool’s rigorous grading system, meeting the highest standards of quality assurance whilst supporting British Wool’s mission to drive sustainable demand for British Wool.

As part of the product development process for our traceable insole, we connected the British Wool supply chain with material manufacturing that attaches the latex sole, as well as UK cutting and printing facilities. Even the box has been printed locally in Yorkshire!

At 10mm wool pile thickness, these luxurious insoles are over 250% thicker than their budget counterparts and can be cut to fit any size – perfect to keep feet warm amid the recent cold snap.

Haldi Kranich-Wood at British Wool, commented: “British sheep produce incredibly resilient wool thanks to its spring-like structure. Not only does wool boast naturally odour-resistant, breathable and moisture-wicking properties, creating a healthy environment for feet, but the use of British Wool also helps to support British farmers.

We are delighted to license this product under the Shepherds Crook Mark logo, as a genuine British wool product.”

Glencroft 100% British Wool insoles retail at £9.95 and are available online here.


Glencroft puts best foot forward with launch of UK’s most traceable insole