A jumper is for life, not just for Christmas

The gift that keeps on giving

A stylish  jumper is always a welcome Christmas present, but a high quality wool one will last for years to come; long after the wrapping paper has been thrown away and the decorations have been taken down.

Here’s our guide for why a jumper at Christmas won’t be discarded by February.

“Buy cheap, buy twice”

High quality British made wool jumpers aren’t always the cheapest option, you can often find those made of man made materials or in countries with cheaper labour can be a lot cheaper. However, the saying “buy cheap, buy twice” wasn’t invented for nothing – it’s actually true! A high quality wool jumper is estimated to have a life of approximately ten years, if not much more when looked after properly. Well cared for jumpers can even last a lifetime.

To know if you’ve got a high quality sweater, it isn’t just about the price tag. However, a cheaper price tag is usually a good indicator that the item is made of a material such a polyester or acrylic; which won’t last as long.

Check the labels of your items and look for 100% wool or for a high wool content. Sometimes garments can be a mix so you might see labels that say “Cashmere blend” or “Merino wool mix”, which means that whilst they have these materials in them they have often been mixed with a lower quality wool or material. This will mean the item doesn’t always have the same qualities that a 100% British Wool garment would have.

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Glencroft jumper label

Look after your sweater, and your sweater will look after you

Like any high value item, looking after it is key. Whilst washing and drying your jumper might seem pretty simple you do have to wash wool knitwear slightly differently to other garments.

Washing or drying wool in heat or even spin drying can mean your jumper quickly becomes too small, and the shrunk look isn’t coming into fashion any time soon. In fact, most wool jumpers should be hand washed rather than going into your washing machine. It might seem laborious but it will mean your garment stays in better condition.

Equally, washing your jumper too much can actually harm your clothing and stop it from looking its best. Most wool jumpers can withstand quite a lot of wears before needing to go into the laundry basket. Wool has a natural odour resistance to keep it smelling fresher longer.

Drying your new jumper might seem as simple as hanging on the washing line or clothes horse, but there’s a few steps you can take to ensure it’s maintained in tip top condition. Once your jumper has been washed it will still be soaking wet so lay it out flat on a towel to dry and carefully roll to get rid of the excess water. Then dry flat, for example across the top of an airer.

Drying a British Wool jumper

Read Glencroft’s 3 step wool washing guide here.

Still being worn today

Don’t just take our word for it, we regularly have customers that tell us about their Glencroft jumpers bought in the late 1980s and early 1990s and sometimes even send us a photo or bring it in to show us!

This 1990s sheep design below was brought into our shop by a proud customer who was still wearing it, unfortunately there was a small hole from getting caught on something but she had cleverly fixed it with a sheep badge! And this fantastic 1980s design still looks fantastic all these years later, not to mention still doing it’s job of keeping the wearer warm.

We also often see our old designs from over 30 years ago appear on resale websites looking as good as they did when we originally made them. They still command a high price as wool lovers know that these jumpers are still wearable for many years to come.

Embrace slow fashion

A wool jumper can last a lifetime, but sometimes our fashion tastes don’t stay the same. Recycling wool jumpers or even donating them to a charity can mean they have another life, and find a new home.

Wool is actually one of the most reused and recycled fibres, particularly as it doesn’t disintegrate like other materials.

Choose classic and timeless over trends

When choosing a new piece of clothing it can be easy to get swayed by the latest fashion trends and styles. But ask yourself if you will truly wear that cropped slipover in years to come, or if that asymmetric jumper is really going to be something you reach for in your wardrobe again and again?

Choosing simple but classic styles is the key to building a capsule wardrobe that not only looks timeless but stylish too. Simple fits like a zip neck sweater or picking a neutral colour like a cream jumper will mean you can build outfits easily, and you know your finished outfit will look good.

That’s not to say that you have to go boring by choosing simple styles, you can still incorporate patterns or the use of quirky materials too. The Aprés ski look is one that never goes out of style, and it’s perfect for when Christmas gets closer too.

PM main glynn
The apres-ski look in a warm thick wool jumper

If you’re looking to invest in your wardrobe and style, then one of our 100% British wool jumpers will not only be a great addition but will last for years to come.


A jumper is for life, not just for Christmas