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Ladies Whole Piece Sheepskin Mittens


Genuine sheepskin mittens in a range of colours with a fluffy cuff.

These are called 'whole piece' mittens as the back and palm are each made using a whole piece of sheepskin, unlike our 'pieced' mittens which have a join down the middle.

Made using high quality sheepskin, these not only look good but will keep your hands nice and toasty in cold weather.

Please note sheepskin is a natural material, colours can vary significantly with each batch that we make depending on the sheepskins used. Tans can vary from very light brown to a mid ginger, browns can be light or dark chocolate with varying amounts of richness. The cuffs can also vary, most of the time they are white but they can occasionally be the same colour as the skin (i.e. tan, brown or black). If this is important to you or you require something specific please call and we can check the stock and hand pick your chosen colour.

Made in Portugal using high quality genuine sheepskin, available in one size (large) to fit most ladies.


Black, Brown, Red, Tan

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Real Sheepskin

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One Size

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