Man in field wearing a chunky zig zag ridged natural cream wool jumper

Clapdale Wool Traceable Thwaite Zig Zag Pattern Jumper


A limited edition thick and warm woolly jumper made to last a lifetime, from our own traceable Clapdale yarn - wool entirely sourced from two farms in Clapham, Yorkshire Dales, within 5 miles of our warehouse.

We designed the Thwaite jumper around the yarn it's made from; it is heavy like woolly jumpers should be - we've used almost 1kg of wool in each jumper - and the deep grooved zig zag pattern adds shadow and depth to the natural undyed yarn. The pattern is zig zag on the front, and half zig zag and half vertical on the back.

Each jumper comes in a box with a booklet that tells the story of the Thwaite jumper from raw wool to finished jumper, as well as a photo print of our local farmer with his sheep that supplied the wool, and a hank of Clapdale yarn and darning needles to ensure this jumper lasts for decades.

This first batch is a limited edition run of just 50 jumpers and 7 samples, each booklet is marked and signed accordingly.

The Clapdale Wool project was launched to create a fully traceable yarn that benefitted local farmers with help from the Yorkshire Dales National Park Sustainable Development Fund.

The wool contains all the sheep breeds on these two Clapham farms - Dalesbred, Teeswater, Blue Face Leicester (BFL), North of England Mule and Texel. The yarn is then processed entirely in West Yorkshire.

This wool is slightly coarser than the commercial British Wool yarn in our other jumpers, we recommend wearing over a collared top for a comfortable fit.


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