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Snow Queen Sheepskin Hat


Bring that little bit of elegance and royalty to the cold weather with the Glencroft Snow Queen hat.

This fashionable and warm hat for ladies is made in Yorkshire from 100% sheepskin.

Why 'Snow Queen'? We've been asked this question before and the answer is unfortunately quite boring, we just thought it's the sort of beautiful and sophisticated hat that a princess or queen may wear in the snow. It's as simple as that.

Colours available include creamy white or champagne golden brim with tan top, brown with brown, and black with black. Please note this is a natural product and so the colours will vary significantly from the photos depending on available materials at time of manufacture.

Country of origin

Great Britain

Material / s

Real Sheepskin

Product Type



Black, Brown, Champagne brim, White brim

Size(Size Guide)

One Size

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