Real Sheepskin Collared Mule with Sole

Real Sheepskin Collared Mule with Sole


These mules are collared and lined in soft sheepskin to keep your feet snug and warm, and their foam sole will provide extra support for additional comfort.

These slippers are both sophisticated and supportive. The luxurious sheepskin lining provides the comfort and warmth, and the sheepskin collar is the perfect fashion statement- after all, who says you can't still be stylish whilst lounging about the home?

This is a natural product made from natural sheepskin, there will be variation from the pictures shown here. The sheepskin collar particularly can be fluffier, woollier, slightly shorter, slightly longer, or a variation on the colour shown from a ginger to a grey. Every sheepskin is different as it is from a different sheep, even though the wool fleece on the collar is dyed and shorn to a specific length, there will still be variation. The suede colour can also vary from the photo. If you'd like photos of the actual stock we have when you order, please email and we'd be happy to let you know.

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