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Real Sheepskin Chamois Leather


A natural high quality polishing cloth made in Poland from real sheepskin leather, perfect for polishing cars (like Richard's 1940s Alvis), or cleaning around the house.

Chamois (or 'shammy') is so called because traditionally it was made from the skin of the chamois goat which lives in the mountains of Europe. These days however most ‘chamois’ you buy will be made from oil treated sheep or lambskin as ours are.

This is an extremely soft natural chamois cloth dressed with natural oil, that has been responsibly sourced - it has been tanned and sourced in the EU (to EU regulations) and manufactured in a factory paying a decent wage.

Size and shape can vary as they made from natural lambskin but will be rectangular and measure approximately 55 x 35cm (~2 square foot).

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100% Sheepskin



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