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Poacher Bucket Tweed Hat


The original fishing hat, the 'bucket' style keeps off the rain, folds up into your pocket, and also goes down well at festivals.

The Glencroft bucket hat has always been called a 'poacher hat'. None of us are exactly sure where the name came from, but best guess is that with lots of hats associated with genuine outdoor pursuits such as hunting, shooting and fishing, we needed a hat for the underdog, so the shady activity of poaching was added to the range alongside the classic deerstalkers, ghillies, trilbies and flat caps.

Despite that, this is a hat for everyone, ladies and men, young and old, whatever your outdoor activity may be the bucket hat is a versatile item of headwear.

We currently make these hats using a variety of similarly patterned wool blend tweed cloth depending on availability. Colours will vary from those in the pictures but will all be traditional muted country colours - greens, brown, blues, greys in a dogtooth pattern.

Wool blend tweed composition: Wool 25%, Polyester 20%, Acrylic 50%, Other 5%.


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Great Britain

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Wool Blend Tweed

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