Three felted laundry balls with sheep faces on a fluffy towel

Little Beau Sheep x Glencroft Clapdale Wool Dryer Balls, Pack of 3


Pack of 3 reusable and chemical free laundry balls felted from Glencroft's own traceable Clapdale Wool. We teamed up with fellow Yorkshire business Little Beau Sheep to create a range of their products from our Clapdale Wool, sourced from sheep on seven farms in the Yorkshire Dales.

Not only is our wool sheared and processed in Yorkshire, so are these laundry balls, being handmade just 30 miles down the road from us. Each ball represents a different breed contained within this wool - Dalesbred, Blue Faced Leicester and Texel.

These traceable British Wool dryer balls help soften clothes naturally, increasing fluffiness as the dryer tumbles, eliminating the need for fabric softeners or dryer sheets. They are also much quieter and more environmentally friendly than the plastic alternatives. Just pop all three balls into the dryer for a small load of laundry. Or for larger, more heavy duty loads, use six or more.

These felted laundry balls will last for 1,000’s of loads. Each pack of 3 sheep dryer balls is made with 100g of Clapdale Wool tops. They are 100% wool roving to the core with no fillers and not made from wrapped yarn so they can’t unravel. They may pill slightly over time with use but this will not affect their performance and you can just trim this off to keep them looking beautiful! As wool is a natural fibre, and this product is made by hand, there may be variations in size and colour compared to those in the image shown. On average, Laundry Balls are 7cm in diameter.

A chemical free alternative to liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Perfect for use with cloth nappies / diapers as they don’t leave behind any residue.



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Great Britain

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Traceable Clapdale Wool

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