Crossbody Saddle Bag Real Leather


Our genuine leather crossbody handbag with adjustable strap is available in a range of traditional country colours and in two different sizes to suit your needs.

These crossbody handbags are the perfect practical bags which hang across your body to keep your valuables and essentials close by. The stitching around the seams of these bags adds an extra touch of detail and has been finished in thread the same colour as the bag: black, brown, tan, green or navy.

These bags have a magnetic button fastener so you can be sure your items won't come spilling out. Straps are adjustable with 11 holes and a silver buckle, so you can make the bag hang higher or lower according to preference.

Choose our 8" wide smaller bag to fit in the essentials (phone, purse, keys) or our 9" wide larger bag if you need that extra bit of room. Available in brown, tan, green or navy.


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Country of origin

Great Britain

Material / s

100% Genuine Leather

Size(Size Guide)

Medium, Large



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