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Large Natural Grey Icelandic Sheepskin Rug


A large Icelandic sheepskin rug with a natural grey and golden white pattern. This rug features a subtle grey marking right down the middle of the rug with a little grey around the rest of the golden white fleece.

While it's quite wide at the bottom of this rug it tapers towards the top of the rug, like a Christmas tree or triangle in shape.

Like all our Icelandic sheepskin rugs this has an incredibly long staple, that is exceedingly soft and silky to touch. The wool on this fleece is also naturally wavy so will need a good brush every now and again. You will receive the exact rug in these photos.

This rug comes with a free sheepskin brush as it will need regular brushing to keep it soft and silky and prevent it matting if used regularly on chairs or floors.

This rug has been tanned in Poland to EU regulations. NOT machine washable - read our care guide here.

Natural Grey Icelandic Sheepskin - 241
Dimensions: Length -
105cm (with fleece). Width - approx 72cm (with fleece)
Fleece length: ~13cm Fleece Texture: Soft and silky to touch
Shape: This rug is wide at the base, but much thinner nearer the top, triangular almost in shape.
You will receive the exact rug in these photos.

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Real Sheepskin


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