Genuine Sheepskin Bobble Aran Beanie Hat


Our traditional Aran pattern 100% British Wool bob hat beanie, with the addition of a hand-made real sheepskin bobble.

We make the bobbles using our own genuine 100% British sheepskin rugs. We pick the fluffiest rugs and use these to make the bobbles which are then stitched to our knitted beanies.

The beanies themselves are made in the UK using British Wool, a perfect material for a beanie as it keeps you warm whilst also being comfortable and breathable.

Each bobble is completely and utterly unique just like every sheep, so they will vary from the picture, however you can choose whether you'd like a dark or light one.

CreamCreamCream NepCream Nep
CreamCreamDarkDarkLight patternedLight patterned


Country of origin

Great Britain

Material / s

British Wool, Real Sheepskin

Product Type


Bobble Colour

Cream, Dark, Light patterned

Age Group




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