Green Icelandic sheepskin rug on a chair

Dyed Dark Green Icelandic Sheepskin Rug


A genuine sheepskin rug from Icelandic sheep breeds with a long and soft fleece, dyed to a dark green pine colour.

Every rug we send will vary slightly in both colour, size and shape as it is a natural product. Even dyed the rug will inheret some of the uniqueness of the underlying white rug we used making it a one off. Our dyed dark green is a very dark colour, it can look almost black under low indoor lighting with just a hint of green - a subtle but stunning colour. The photo is just an example of what you will receive. Size wise they will be a minimum of 90 x 60cm although we will always give you the biggest we have available - please contact us if you'd like to discuss exact specifications of what we have in stock.

Icelandic rugs are becoming more and more popular due to their unique long staple, which makes them stunning to look at and lovely to run your fingers through. They look fantastic as a throw on a wooden settee, chair or bed.

These rugs have been tanned in Poland to strict EU environmental regulations. Not all rugs you can buy online are equal, we've worked with a reliable tannery for many years and produce only the highest quality Icelandic sheepskins. *NB: Do not expose dyed skins to strong sunlight to avoid colour fading or change. Do not put dyed skins on damp or light coloured fabric, such as sofas as colour transfer can occur. Read our full care instructions here.


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