Dark grey and blue plaid chunky wool travel rug rolled up

Cross Haw Dark Grey Dalesbred Breed Traceable Wool Travel Rug


A thick and heavy traceable British Wool travel rug in our 'Cross Haw' dark grey plaid tartan pattern. This is manufactured from the Dalesbred breed of sheep as part of our traceable Clapdale Wool project.

The Dalesbred is our local Yorkshire Dales breed on the fells of Ingleborough. We've sourced this wool from three local Dalesbred farmers for the purposes of weaving into blankets and cloth. It has then been blended to create a yarn suitable for weaving.*

Clapdale Wool is manufactured exclusively by Glencroft from fleeces collected from farms within ten miles of our warehouse in Clapham, Yorkshire Dales.

The Clapdale Wool project was launched to create a fully traceable yarn that benefitted local farmers with help from the Yorkshire Dales National Park Sustainable Development Fund. Farmers were paid a decent price for their clip and in addition a share of the profits from the project will also go back to the farms.

We have scoured, carded, combed, spun and woven this wool in Yorkshire. The Dalesbred wool in each travel rug has gone no further than 50 miles from the sheep it was sheared from, to the yarn spinners and to the mill each throw was woven in.

Each of our five different colours have been carefully woven with the same warp (vertical yarn) but a different weft (horizontal yarn) to achieve the most efficient production. Woven from seven colours of yarn - one undyed and six dyed. Size is 55 x 70" (140 x 180cm) minus tassels.

*Contains a blend of Dalesbred and Cheviot wool. We originally wanted a 100% Dalesbred tweed but we found the fibre of this mountain sheep breed would have been too thick on its own to go through the weaving machines. We therefore had to source a finer wool to blend it with.

Country of origin

Great Britain

Material / s

Traceable Clapdale Wool


Blue, Dark Grey, Green, Limestone Grey, Red



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