Clapdale traceable Yorkshire wool - 100g ball of lace wool

Clapdale Wool Traceable Yorkshire 100g 2-Ply Lace Weight


A 100g ball of undyed 2-ply lace weight wool for hand knitting. Manufactured exclusively by Glencroft from fleeces collected from two farms within 5 miles of our warehouse in Clapham, Yorkshire Dales.

This 2-ply lace weight version of our Clapdale yarn was initially created just for our own machine knitting, however when our local hand knit expert Sandra Oakeshott - who first tested our DK weight hand knit yarn - asked to try it out, she created a beautiful shawl and suggested there would be many hand knitters who would love to try it. Hence we've created 100g balls from our 2 kg cones, perfect for knitting into 'Sandra's Shawl' - link to Sandra's knitting pattern available on the label. You can see the shawl knit in the photos. Each ball has approximately 450 metres of wool.

The Clapdale Wool project was launched to create a fully traceable yarn that benefitted local farmers with help from the Yorkshire Dales National Park Sustainable Development Fund. Farmers were paid a decent price for their clip and in addition 10% of the profits from the project will also go back to the farms.

The wool contains all the sheep breeds on these two Clapham farms - Dalesbred, Teeswater, Blue Face Leicester (BFL), North of England Mule and Texel. This lace weight 2 ply yarn is really soft when knitted up and of course has the gorgeous smell of real wool.

We have scoured, carded, combed and spun this wool entirely in West Yorkshire. This is undyed so is predominately a natural cream colour with a tiny amount of darker black and brown wool fibres.


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Great Britain

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Traceable Clapdale Wool


450 metres

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