Grey check tweed flat cap

Clapdale Wool Traceable Dalesbred Flat Cap


A traditional flat cap manufactured in the North of England from Glencroft's own Clapdale Wool tweed. A thick country tweed woven in Yorkshire from a blend* of our local Dalesbred sheep, with wool sourced on three farms within 10 miles of our Yorkshire Dales warehouse.

The Dalesbred breed wool in this cap has gone no further than 55 miles from the sheep it was sheared from, to the yarn spinners, to the mill the cloth was woven in and finally to the factory where we cut and manufactured the caps. It has been lined with GOTs certified organic cotton.

These flat caps come in 11 hat sizes from 6 7/8 to 8 (55 - 65cm), meaning we'll have the perfect size for any head. The cap is designed to extend over the occipital bone at the back of the head for a proper fit that doesn't come off.

Clapdale Wool is manufactured exclusively by Glencroft from fleeces collected from farms within ten miles of our warehouse in Clapham, Yorkshire Dales. Farmers are paid a decent price for their clip and in addition a share of the profits from everything made from this wool, including this cap, will also go back to the farms.

*Contains a blend of Dalesbred and Cheviot wool. We originally wanted a 100% Dalesbred tweed but we found the fibre of this mountain sheep breed would have been too thick on its own to go through the weaving machines. We therefore had to source a finer wool to blend it with.

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Green, Grey

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Great Britain



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Traceable Clapdale Wool

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6 3/4 – 55, 6 7/8 – 56, 7 – 57, 7 1/8 – 58, 7 1/4 – 59, 7 3/8 – 60, 7 1/2 – 61, 7 5/8 – 62, 7 3/4 – 63, 7 7/8 – 64, 8 – 65

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