Clapdale Wool Tops - ball of carded wool

Clapdale Wool Carded Yorkshire Wool Tops 100g


A 100g Wool Top of Clapdale Wool. A 6 metre carded sliver that's been carded and combed in Yorkshire for worsted spinning - this makes it super soft and perfect for hand spinning and felting.

The Clapdale Wool project was launched to create a fully traceable yarn that benefitted local farmers with help from the Yorkshire Dales National Park Farming in Protected Landscapes fund.

The wool in this wool top comes from just 7 farms surrounding Glencroft's Yorkshire Dales warehouse. Farmers were paid a decent price for their clip and in addition a share of 10% of the profits from all sales will also go back to the farms.

This wool top contains all the sheep breeds on these seven Clapham farms - Dalesbred, Blue Face Leicester (BFL), North of England Mule and Texel.

The wool was collected from farms and sorted by British Wool in Bradford, scoured 2 miles down the road then carded and combed in Bingley before returning to us - a round trip of about 90 miles. Most of these wool tops have gone on to be worsted spun into our Clapdale Wool hand knit yarn.

This is undyed so it is predominately a natural cream colour with a tiny amount of darker black and brown wool fibres.


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Great Britain

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Traceable Clapdale Wool

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