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Children’s Sheepskin Ankle Boot


A sturdy slipper boot for children with a foam sole, available in sizes from UK kids 5-13 and 1-2.

Expertly made in Portugal using genuine sheepskin.

A smart tan coloured suede outer, with a real sheepskin fleece inner. This is a natural material which is both warm and breathable.

Sizes 5 - 12 have laces that run around the ankle and can be tightened. Sizes 13-2 are slip-on with no laces.

Tan colour varies from sheepskin to sheepskin, so won't be exactly like photo. Sheepskin is a natural product, so even when dyed the results can vary depending on the particular skin. You can see some of the variation in photos.

Designed for indoor use, not an outdoor shoe or boot.


Child 5Child 5Child 6Child 6Child 7Child 7Child 8Child 8Child 9Child 9Child 10Child 10Child 11Child 11Child 12Child 12Child 13Child 131122


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Real Sheepskin

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Child 5, Child 6, Child 7, Child 8, Child 9, Child 10, Child 11, Child 12, Child 13, 1, 2

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