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Chamois Demister Pad


High quality genuine sheepskin chamois leather sewn around an absorbent sponge.

No car should be without one of these versatile products, perfect for getting condensation and grime off the inside of your windscreen - or 'de misting' - hence the name.

Don't have a car? These are versatile cleaning products and can be used for many things including cleaning windows and glass at home and can even double as a stress reliever on hot days (maybe that's just us!).

These are called 'chamois' as they were originally made from the chamois species of goat. The sheepskin chamois natural qualities make it soft, absorbent and provides the best polish without streaks to glass and shiny surfaces.

Our chamois pads have been made for us by lovely people in Poland using responsibly sourced sheepskin which we then finish with a simple recycled paper band for packaging.

Sheepskin chamois is a natural material, clean using soap not detergent and leave to dry naturally.

Pad measures 12 x 8 x 4cm.

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Real Sheepskin

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