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Triple British Rare Breed Curly Black Sheepskin Rug


This stunning naturally black (or exceedingly dark brown) sheepskin rug is made from three similar rugs sewn together. It is likely from a Black Welsh Mountain breed of sheep, but this fleece is also exceedingly curly (like a Devon and Cornwall Longwall), so may be a cross breed. The fleece is really soft with beautiful natural curls. This is truly a one off rug that would look magnificent in a large room, in front of the fireplace or over a sofa.

The UK has more sheep breeds than any other country - over 60 and counting - and many more cross breeds. Glencroft British sheepskin rugs are 100% British and entirely by-products of the meat industry - that means they are from British sheep, tanned in a British tannery, and hand finished in our Yorkshire Dales warehouse.

Richard hand finishes 100-200 sheepskin rugs every week (watch how here), with most going to specialist independent retailers across the country. We randomly pick a few out for sale online every few weeks. Once they're gone they're gone!

Rare Breed Rug - Triple Black Curly
Dimensions: Length -
134cm (with fleece). Width - approx 93cm on three peaks (with fleece)
Fleece length: ~4cm curled (6-8cm when stretched out) Texture: Curly and very soft

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Country of origin

Great Britain

Material / s

Real Sheepskin

Size(Size Guide)

X Large

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