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Albus Speckled Cream Rare Breed Sheepskin Rug


This British rare breed sheepskin rug is predominantly cream, speckled with a few light brown and grey patches. The long haired wool is lovely and soft, with matted areas beneath the surface.  There is some variation with the fleece length with a shorter patch on one edge, you'll see from the photos that it is not perfectly symmetrical due to the way it's been hand trimmed.

The UK has more sheep breeds than any other country - over 60 and counting - and many more cross breeds. Glencroft British sheepskin rugs are 100% British and entirely by-products of the meat industry - that means they are from British sheep, tanned in a British tannery, and hand finished in our Yorkshire Dales warehouse.

Richard hand finishes 100-200 sheepskin rugs every week (watch how here), with most going to specialist independent retailers across the country. We randomly pick a few out for sale online, once they're gone they're gone! You will receive the EXACT rug in these photos.

Special Rare Breed Rug 1134 - Large
Dimensions: Length -
120cm Width - approx 72cm
Fleece length: ~5cm Texture: Soft and fluffy, matted below the surface
Shape: Not symmetrical

*You will receive the EXACT rug in these photos.

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Country of origin

Great Britain

Material / s

Real Sheepskin


X Large

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