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British Golden Brown Soay Breed Sheepskin Rug


A caramel golden brown Soay like rare breed British sheepskin rug hand finished in North Yorkshire.

The Soay breed takes its name from one of the westernmost islands of the Scottish Outer Hebrides where a feral population still resides. This is a small and hardy breed with a distinctive brown or black fleece. Glencroft British sheepskin rugs are 100% British and entirely by-products of the meat industry - that means they are from British sheep, tanned in a British tannery, and hand finished in our Yorkshire Dales warehouse.

Richard hand finishes 100-200 sheepskin rugs every week (watch how here), with most going to specialist independent retailers across the country. We randomly pick a few out for sale online every few weeks. Once they're gone they're gone!

Rare Breed Rug 134 - Standard Size
Dimensions: Length -
95cm (with fleece). Width - approx 64cm (with fleece)
Fleece length: ~4cm Texture: Thick woolly golden brown fleece. Slightly shorter wool along middle (spine), due to this being the part of the sheep most exposed to the wind and rain.

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Country of origin

Great Britain

Material / s

Real Sheepskin

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