Pink Herringbone Glencroft wool travel rug throw

100% Wool Pink Herringbone Travel Rug Throw


A large Yorkshire made 100% wool throw in a pink herringbone pattern. Features 3 inch long tassels at each end.

This rug is woven in our local Yorkshire mill from two different colours, the warp is white yarn (the longtitudinal yarn that also makes up the tassels), and the weft is a gorgeous fuchia pink (the transverse yarn that weaves up and down across the warp fibres). This results in a predominately pink rug with a wide herringbone pattern.

This throw measures 55 x 70" minus tassels - about the size of a double bed. Perfect for use as a blanket, a throw on a chair, or as a travel rug in your car for those unplanned picnics and long journeys.

The rug is finished with a Glencroft label produced from recycled fibres.


Country of origin

Great Britain

Material / s

100% Wool





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