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100% Lambswool Lightweight Knee Rug


A limited range of large square Yorkshire made woollen throws.

Throws measure approximately 62 x 62" and are perfect for use for snuggling up with on the sofa, over your knees on journeys or can even be worn as a very large scarf.

These are less chunky than our other regular wool travel rugs and made with soft lambswool. They almost feel like a soft linen rug as the nap has not been raised (or fluffed up) as much as with our other rugs. Every rug features a geometric herringbone or wide V pattern.

These are what we call 'weave up' rugs which refers to the process of using up spare yarn, each colour is limited edition, once it's gone it's gone! All our rugs are made this way and this allows us to manufacture a premium blanket for a reasonable price.

  • Brown


Country of origin

Great Britain

Material / s

100% Lambswool



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