10 uses for a lambswool duster / sheepskin tickling stick

Glencroft sheepskin ‘tickling sticks’, or ‘lambswool dusters’ as we also call them are a versatile and practical bit of kit.

They are made in the UK from genuine sheepskin and wood and cost less than £10. No corners have been cut (just dusted) in the manufacture of this product, it is a properly made item that will last for years.

They are exceedingly versatile as the following list of practical and silly uses will attest to, can you think of any more? No cupboard under the stairs should be without one!

10. Cleaning delicate items

Natural real sheepskin is soft but strong which makes it perfect for picking up dust from delicate items without the need for cleaning chemicals, the static electricity it generates does just the job, and it can be cleaned easily with a wire brush without losing any of its cleaning prowess.

Just hold your treasured possession firmly in your hand and gently brush the lambswool duster over it to remove dust.

WARNING: Don’t dust items that are sitting on the mantelpiece, you may push them off, remove them first and hold them while dusting!

Dusting delicate items with sheepskin duster

9. A woolly drum major or majorette baton

Don’t worry, we had to look up what ‘majorette’ meant too! More often called a ‘drum major’ in Great Britain, this is the person, or people at the front of a marching band. Give your band a woolly Yorkshire feel, just by swapping the baton for a Glencroft tickling stick.

The sheepskin will sway majestically as it spins through the air, and if you misjudge your twirling, then 50% of the time the sheepskin end can provide protection from bumps and bruises.

British marching band with lambswool duster baton
Original photo by Mark Leishman on Unsplash

8. Practice drum sticks

What’s like a drum stick, but with something soft on the end to dampen the sound?

A Glencroft sheepskin tickling stick!

Tickling stick used a drum stick

7. Spare tail

Pantomime horse with sheepskin tail

Do you need a new tail? Tie a loop of string or leather through the hole at the end of a Glencroft tickling stick, you can then put your belt through this and voila, a new tail.

Couple this with a giraffe, sheep, monkey, dog, back half of a pantomime donkey costume and you’ll look just the part.

6. Getting to hard to reach places, like ceiling corners

Any old piece of sheepskin can dust, but only a lambswool duster can be held aloft to extend your reach and wipe those cobwebs out of the corners of your rooms.

Our dusters are a set length to ensure we can post them out at a reasonable cost while still making them just from wood – we’re not a fan of all plastic dusters even if they are extendable. If you need a longer one, just attach it to the end of a broom.

Dusting ceiling with tickling stick

5. Ken Dodd impersonation

For non-British readers we may have to point out that the late Sir Ken Dodd is a much-loved British comedian from Liverpool first popular in the 1950s. He was famous for having a tickling stick prop and his greeting, ‘How tickled I am!’

If you’re looking for a high quality British made addition to a Ken Dodd inspired outfit, or maybe you fancy yourself as a Diddy Man, then this may be the tickling stick for you.

Ken Dodd holding two sheepskin lambswool tickling stick dusters
Photo: C4

4. A large paint brush

Not as silly a suggestion as it sounds, the very best paint rollers are made from genuine sheepskin (the cheaper ones are synthetic).  The natural properties of the wool means it holds the paint without getting too waterlogged and distributes it evenly on the wall.

Therefore if you’re looking for an enormous paintbrush to complete your replica of the Sistine chapel ceiling in your shed then look no further than a Glencroft lambswool duster.

Painter painting with sheepskin tickling stick lambswool duster
Original photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

3. Back scratcher

Itchy back? Can’t reach it? Don’t buy a back scratcher that only does that one thing.

With a Glencroft tickling stick, you can scratch your back and do 9 other things with it! Now that IS a multipurpose tool.

Scratching your back with a lambswool duster


2. Replacement sword – fencing practice, play fights, sabre arches

Now this of course comes with a big caveat to only attempt this under adult supervision. But a Glencroft lambswool duster can be a handy replacement for a fencing foil, and comes with the added bonus of allowing you to dust your training location as you practice.

Or do you need a cutlass for your pirate costume? Look no further than our tickling stick, it’ll be much safer and you’ll get many more compliments than a boring sword would.

Want to add that bit of sparkle to your wedding but feel metal swords are just too aggressive? Get all the groomsmen to hold up lambswool dusters in a sabre arch for the happy couple to walk through.

A saber arch of lambswool dusters at a wedding
Original photo by AzureCitizen / CC BY-SA

1. Tickling!

Well it is a TICKLING stick after all.

Please be careful when tickling and only tickle those who have given you explicit permission.

Laughing person
Original photo by Jamie Brown on Unsplash

10 uses for a lambswool duster / sheepskin tickling stick