Glencroft was started by Richard and Justina Sexton in 1987 with the sole aim of providing quality British made goods to independent retailers. At the heart of the business was Richard’s relationship with textile and clothing manufacturers built over decades in the sheepskin and wool industry and independent shop owners who wanted to work with someone they could trust year in year out.

Over three decades since that day, we listed out the values that mattered to us, so as we grow and reach new customers, suppliers and employees it is clear what we stand for.

Honest – in our dealings with customers and their expectations, and in our communications about our products and our brand.
Decent – having integrity to stand up for what we believe in and developing trust with all we come into contact with.
Proper – we won’t cut corners in the products we manufacture, and we try and make them to the best standards we can using people and companies we know and trust whether that be in Britain or abroad.
Responsible – commitment to our supply chain using responsibly sourced materials and manufacturers both in the UK and abroad, paying people a decent wage. Consideration of the environment and local community in our manufacturing, production and waste.
Responsive – Make amends for mistakes, listen to and fix problems immediately.

We realise a list of values doesn’t automatically mean we are perfect or live up to them all the time.  We will sometimes fall short but we intend to treat our customers, suppliers and employees like a friend who will call us out on it so we can try harder next time.

Through our blog and product descriptions we will try and explain how we do things a little bit differently.

We understand you have a choice and appreciate your custom, please tell us if we don’t live up to your expectations.