Why we’re supporting Wool Week 2019

Today marks the launch of UK Wool Week – a two-week celebration of nature’s finest product: wool.

Wool Week flyer

This celebration of wool is spearheaded by Campaign for Wool, a global endeavour initiated by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, which aims to raise awareness of the unique, natural, renewable and biodegradable benefits that wool provides.

Over the course of the next two weeks, key industry experts, retailers, brands, tailors, designers, craft individuals and groups will be hosting a variety of woolly events and workshops across the UK for the public to get involved with.

The theme for this year’s Wool Week is all about ‘making a difference’ by choosing wool.

Here at Glencroft, we do our best to identify ways in which our business can ‘make a difference’, be it recycling ALL our sheepskin waste, using British Wool in the majority of our jumpers sourced from farms across the United Kingdom and making use of yarn which would otherwise have gone to waste with our ‘surplus chunky jumpers’ and ‘weave-up’ travel rugs as featured recently in The Independent.

So, if you come to visit our factory warehouse in the next couple of weeks, situated in the conservation village of Clapham, North Yorkshire, you’ll see a host of information and flyers in support of Wool Week as we play our part in helping to spread the message about the natural benefits of this fantastic product.

And here is just one of them.


Wool is a great natural and renewable fibre because sheep produce a new fleece each and every year, making it a resource that can be drawn upon time and again.

In a world choking from waste plastic and man-made goods, it makes a fantastic natural alternative to man-made goods and fibres.

Not only this, it has inherent natural biodegradable properties, so it won’t join the 35% of primary microplastics entering our oceans which are currently released through the washing of synthetic textiles.

Wool breaks down slowly, and when it enters the ground, it provides a generous 17% of nitrogen to fertilise, not poison our soil.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing some more woolly facts as well as some tips on how to care for this wonderful product.

We’ll also be speaking to local knitter extraordinaire, Sandra Oakeshott, of Beckside Yarns in Clapham – perhaps one of the best yarn and knitting shops in the country – about the rise in popularity of hand knitting, and some of the health benefits this can bring.

In the meantime, as Campaign for Wool rightly say: “We can all make a difference by choosing wool to help safeguard the planet for future generations.”

So, make a difference. Choose wool.

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Why we’re supporting Wool Week 2019