Peaky Blinders Style: Get The Look With British Wool

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With season five coming to a close, the BBC’s Peaky Blinders shows no sign of its popularity flagging, and nor does the demand it has created for what some have coined ‘British heritage style’. What Tommy Shelby and co. wear in the series are classic, timeless outfits, that feel as relevant today as they did in the 1920s. How can you recreate the look 100 years on, with quality to last another hundred? We share our Peaky Blinders Style Guide, sourcing pieces from the very best of British Wool.

The Coat

Osso London British Wool Overcoat

With winter just round the corner, take inspiration from the long overcoats worn by the Peaky Blinders. Tommy wears an Edwardian style that would be quite outdated by the 20s (a nod, perhaps, to his lack of care for fashion) with a velvet collar. Arthur’s is a rougher, heavier wool, more appropriate perhaps for his demeanour. Look for heritage patterns, herringbone and tweed, in colours such as charcoal, navy and racing green.

We love this coat from Osso London, made with 100% British wool.

The Suit

Hawkins and Shepherd British Wool Suit

Almost a century ago, suits used much heavier wool than we use today, which makes the Peaky Blinders style quite tricky to replicate. To imitate the texture of that heavier wool, look for tweed, check and textured greys, blues and browns. The fit should be slim, but not skinny. While the Peaky Blinders may have worn their trousers short to dodge the sewage in the street, these days a smarter look is to aim for your trousers to finish half way down the back of your shoe (or boot – see below!).

Don’t forget the waistcoat and pocket watch to really finish the look.

Our choice would be this Navy Herringbone suit from Hawkins and Shepherd, which uses Holland & Sherry’s 100% British Wool fabric.

The Hat

Peaky Blinder Harris Tweed flat cap brown
Glencroft Harris Tweed Peaky Newsboy flat cap

Given how smart a three piece suit looks, it might seem surprising that the Peaky Blinders paired their outfit with a peak cap, but that was the trend among younger men at the time. A flat cap is synonymous with the working class – quite the contrast to the fedora you see on Billy Kimber – and a statement of identity. We have a number of caps here at Glencroft that fit right into the Peaky Blinders style – baker boy, newsboy and traditional flat caps. All made in Great Britain and using quality materials such as genuine Harris Tweed. All they’re missing is the fairly terrifying razor blade sewn into the peak – a sound omission, we think!

Shop our Peaky Blinders style caps.

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Glencroft Peaky cap and Tommy Shelby


Peaky Blinders Style: Get The Look With British Wool