It’s Black Sheep Friday!

You may have noticed, this Black Friday, that we aren’t slashing our prices or implementing discount deals to encourage you to part with your money.

christmas jumper
British Wool jumpers – a premium wool, that’s local, natural and can last for years.

And there’s a reason for that.

Glencroft is a family-run, local Yorkshire business and whilst we don’t discount, we do make quality country clothing made from natural materials that last.

And that’s where the saving comes in.

We’re not really one for fast fashion – we’re more a sort of slow and steady kind of company!

What do we mean? Well, our products are all made from the highest quality natural fibres, and so are built to last.

For many of our customers, this means when they buy their flat cap or jumper from us, they often don’t need to invest in a new one for some 30 years.

Glencroft warehouse front door

The Glencroft head office and warehouse, Clapham, Yorkshire

Let’s talk about pricing

When we price our products, we do so on the basis of what it costs to make them, both in terms of materials, labour and transport (which is not very far for many of our products as we work with mills and factories in Lancashire and Yorkshire). Of course, we also include business running costs here, from our 200 year-old converted cow barn in the Yorkshire Dales, and we pay ourselves from time to time.

We also cost our products to ensure we can invest in developing our business for the future, investing in our products, facilities, processes and our brand. That’s what has helped us survive since 1987. And of course, we pay our taxes (unlike some of the big corporates!).

With this in mind, if you’re looking for a cheap Black Friday deal or a multi-buy discount, you’re not likely to find it at Glencroft, but that’s because we believe passionately in the quality of our products and our brand, and we don’t want to undermine this.

So, this Christmas, why not support local, whether that’s online or pay a visit to one of the many shops we supply across the country. Buy once and wear your jumper or flat cap for over 30 years – now that’s value for money!

Header image: Photo by Nikola Johnny Mirkovic on Unsplash.


It’s Black Sheep Friday!