What Makes the Perfect Flat Cap?

Here at Glencroft, we’ve been selling our iconic flat caps since we first opened our doors in 1987 and over the past 30 years we believe we’ve discovered the perfect recipe. After all, we’re based in Yorkshire, the home of the flat cap, so we have to meet our fellow Yorkshiremen and women’s high expectations or risk becoming social pariahs.

Perfect for Any Occasion

One of the greatest misconceptions about flat caps is that they are only worn by grumpy, old men. This isn’t true (though we still love and cherish all the grumpy old men in our lives). Flat caps can be worn by anyone, regardless of background or gender. Not only can they be worn by anyone, but they can be worn anywhere.

One of our favourite unique places we’ve seen flat caps worn is weddings. Now, some of you must be thinking this is almost blasphemous – weddings are a place for tuxedoes and fancy frocks! However, there is a growing trend of people wanting less formal weddings, in favour of a more relaxed atmosphere in the countryside. The tweed flat cap has proven to be the perfect accessory in these relaxed and rustic weddings, worn by the groom and groomsmen.

Our Waxed Cotton Flat Cap is brilliant for the anglers amongst you as it provides water resistance and the peak also protects you from the sun, so you don’t have to worry about a sunburnt forehead (although, of course, we recommend you wear sun cream). As waterproof flat caps go, you can’t get much better.

Man wearing navy Harris Tweed flat cap, lambswool scarf and Aran jumper outside
Wear our flat caps anywhere

The Perfect Fit

All of our flat caps have been designed to slide over your occipital bone (the bone at the base of your head attaching to your spine) for a proper fit, so you can be sure it won’t come loose and fly off your head in the wind.

Our Harris Tweed Flat Cap and Harris Tweed Patchwork Flat Cap both come in a range of sizes, starting at 6 ¾ inches and going up in 1/8 of an inch each time up until a maximum of 8 inches. This means you should easily be able to find your exact fit, no matter what size your head is.

Our waterproof flat caps come in small to XL as most of our customers find they don’t have to be quite as precise with the sizing in these caps as they’re for recreational purposes rather than more formal flat cap wear.

Man wearing patchwork Harris Tweed patch outside
We have a range of sizes available to fit you

Perfectly Made

Flat caps are symbolic of the British countryside, so it made sense to us to ensure they were British-made. We’ve never done anything else. We use factories and mills in Yorkshire and Lancashire to manufacture these caps with trusted partners who we’ve worked with for years. This means we know that we’re getting a flat cap made to the highest quality and that the workers are being paid a fair wage. We even use an iconic British material for most of our caps: Harris Tweed. Our Harris Tweed is handwoven in the Outer Hebrides, as it has been for generations, and we’ve used enough of it over the years to cover one-and-a-half football pitches. That’s a lot of Harris Tweed flat caps!

Harris Tweed official label with Harris Tweed orb
Harris Tweed is an iconic British material

Perfect for You

Okay, we are a little biased, but we genuinely believe everybody’s lives could be brightened up a bit by a flat cap. We’ve been wearing our flat caps for years, so we know that they’re comfy, durable and stylish – we wouldn’t sell them otherwise! Just last year we had a customer pop into our shop to tell us that he bought his flat cap from us in 1992 and it was still going strong. His was just one of 77,500 flat caps that we’ve sold, so we must be doing something right.

Man wearing flat cap and tweed patch wool jumper talking to lady wearing grey wool cardigan
Just one of the 77,500 flat caps we’ve sold

What Makes the Perfect Flat Cap?